Our Take On Wix!

Author: Syzmic
February 2, 2021

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As you may have read in our previous articles, Syzmic primarily works with WordPress and Shopify, however, those are not our sole CMS platforms. One of the CMS platforms we work with every now and then is Wix. There are many benefits but, as you all know, each platform comes with its own obstacles. 

Below we explain the pros and cons of using Wix along with helpful tips to combat any of these issues. 


Fewer barriers to entry

Wix is great if you’ve never built websites before. With Wix, you can buy your domain, set up hosting, and start building all in the same place. This makes it easier for new developers to get started and makes it easier for the customer to manage the site long term! 

Easy to design visually design

Since Wix is very user friendly, it’s easy to convert your imagination design into a tangible product. It even allows you to drag and drop boxes wherever you want so the design layout is easy to customize. A negative to this is it can be difficult to get the spacing precisely even which can lead to an unprofessional looking site.


Difficult to get the website completely symmetrical

Wix is a true “drag and drop” builder. You can pull elements anywhere on the screen and drop them. That makes it difficult to line up all of the elements properly. Wix does have lines that show up to help align items center on the page and align with other elements, but when you have multiple elements, it gets really difficult to get everything lined up. 

Not the best for mobile design 

Every developer knows that if a CMS makes mobile functionality difficult it can be taxing. The biggest issue with Wix is that anytime you make changes on the desktop design of the site, the mobile version changes. This isn’t a big deal if you’re making minor changes, but it becomes a huge pain when you’re redesigning an entire page. 

The issue is that Wix doesn’t use a grid system (i.e. Bootstrap) so all of the elements on the page tend to “float” around. 


Overall, Wix is a great CMS for beginners. It can help new CMS developers sharpen their eye for design and get a feel for working with websites. But ultimately, it isn’t the best platform for having a truly professional site. Without the CSS grid system, it’s very difficult to have a completely symmetrical site on both desktop and mobile. 

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