Syzmic vs Freelance

Author: Hailey Huffman
October 6, 2020

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If your agency offers website development, chances are you’ve used Upwork, or other similar services, to find freelance developers. Platforms like these are a great resource and it’s how our lead developer, Gerald, got his start.

Freelance web development can certainly help your agency but to what extent? If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ve probably run into some frequent issues with freelance web development. Syzmic can be a great alternative to your current freelance partners.

Below we discuss a few issues with freelance and how Syzmic can help. 


We know there’s a variety of pricing for web development in this industry. At Syzmic we offer standard pricings and custom quotes depending on your client’s needs. (Note: we have a great article on quoting websites here!)

All quotes are given within twenty-four to forty-eight hours and we usually take the time to research any specific concerns to ensure you’re getting accurate information. 


We understand that turning a project over to a partner, either freelance or Syzmic, can be very nerve-racking and requires a great deal of trust.

We’ve heard the story many times of a freelance project agreement that began and eventually fell through. Ultimately, this can affect your agency’s relationship with your client.

At Syzmic, our mission begins with integrity and we take pride in the accountability our clients hold us too. 


Most of the time with a freelance web developer you’re working around their schedule. With Syzmic, we create a process that works for your agency. We’re in the office when you are, we take calls from eight to five, and when you reach out we respond within twenty-four hours.

We customize our communication process to fit your agency’s preference. If you prefer our portal, great, but we work in Slack and other communication software in order to accommodate your team. 


Freelancers deliver projects that are reviewed and created solely by them. Prior to sending the project back to your team, Syzmic has multiple developers and designers that act as quality control to ensure the deliverables were met and the products meet our internal standards. 

Visit us

We’re proud of the office and work environment we’ve built. Unlike freelance, you’re welcome to video chat with us any time or come visit us in-person (if you want to come down to Alexandria, Louisiana).

Your development team is only a call away and we’d like to partner with you. Call us today to get started! 


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