How to Structure Your White Label Web Design Partnership

Author: Gerald Huffman
April 30, 2020

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The way you structure your white label web design partnership is extremely important. This relationship affects how you and the white label partner operate, but it also affects your relationship with your client.

While there is no wrong way to structure this relationship, there will certainly be a way that makes more sense for your marketing agency.

At Syzmic, we put white label relationships into 2 categories: Closed White Label and Open White Label.

Category #1: Closed White Label

In a closed white label relationship, your agency handles all of the interaction with the client while your white label partner works behind the scenes.

In this situation, your project manager would handle all of the communication and relay the information to the white label website team.


This type of relationship makes some agencies feel more comfortable knowing their internal team is handling all of the communication.


This could potentially cause a bottleneck. Your agency is essentially the middle man in this relationship.

If the web designer or developer on the white label team has a question, they would need to ask the project manager and the project manager would then ask the client.

Category #2: Open White Label

In an open white label relationship, your white label partner works collaboratively with you and your client, but your client views the partner as part of your team.

In relationships like this, many agencies opt to give members of their white label web design team email addresses with their agency domain.


This can foster more efficient communication. Your white label web design team could join in on the project kick-off call. Plus, they can go directly to the client if they have specific questions.


This typically won’t work if your client wants to meet in person. All communication would need to be through email and phone calls.


The type of relationship you set up has a big impact on the client experience and the agency workflow. If you’ve never worked with a white label partner before, it can be hard to decide which direction you should go.

I would suggest reflecting on your current website workflow and notice who on your team handles communication.

If you have a project manager that already handles all of the communication then the closed white label relationship would probably work well. If your web design and developer regularly communicate with clients, then the open white label relationship may make more sense.

The good thing is that you can always change the relationship if it’s not working well!

If you need help deciding which relationship makes sense for your agency, drop us a line!


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