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Most small businesses don’t make the leap into e-commerce because they’re afraid of failure. Fear of losing sales, inventory concerns, and fiscal investment can be disheartening. Syzmic is here to help. We’ll build an e-commerce store for you that is tailored to your target market. We’ll make sales easier and available to everyone, so you can focus on what you do best–running your store.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an e-commerce project cost?

While Syzmic does follow a standardized pricing model, each project is unique in its need and functionality. To put it plainly, Syzmic DOES NOT outsource any of our development overseas so we are not the cheapest option but we’re not the most expensive either. We’re always within reach! Factors that affect cost are the number of products, the number of SKUs, and how they’re imported.

How long until my e-commerce store is launched?

The timeline of an e-commerce project depends on many factors. However, Syzmic averages a 3-6 month turnaround time for e-commerce development. If you’re in a bind and need the project completed by a certain deadline, be sure to let our experts know so we can fast-track the project.

What if I don’t like the design?

We’re 100% confident you will love the design. Our experts walk you through the discovery phase of the project to ensure we have an understanding of the design you want to achieve. You will have a little homework to do but it’s not much. We want our clients to be in love with the finished product so we offer many revision rounds and welcome your honest feedback throughout the entire build process. No comment is too small.  To learn more about our process click here.

How are the payments structured?

Syzmic requires payment using the 40/40/20 model. 40% at the project kickoff, 40% 30-days after project kickoff, and 20% after the project launch. After you speak with our web experts about your project, they will send you a finalized quote that covers everything about your project from start to finish including specific price with due dates and pricing breakdown.