Curious about Syzmic? Here’s what you should know.

Author: Hailey Huffman
May 13, 2021

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Maybe you’ve seen our ads or maybe this is your first time on our site. Either way, we’re glad you found us and here’s everything you need to know about who we are and what we do. Syzmic is a white label web development company located in Alexandria, Louisiana. 

White Label Web Dev:

We specialize in white label web development for marketing agencies nationwide. White label development is essentially web dev fulfilment on behalf of the client. There are many different ways to structure the relationship with our customers. Syzmic can work completely incognito as an extension of the marketing agency or we can work as a collaborator with the website client. Either way, it’s up to our partnering agency to dictate the relationship. Although this is a new concept, it’s a successful service for a few reasons. The average web developer salary ranges between $45k-$100k per year and our marketing agencies don’t have the capacity to warrant that salary. Syzmic fills the gaps in the fulfillment process allowing our marketing agencies to remain profitable and scale their business. 

Product Offering: 

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about what we build. We’ve used many different CMS platforms but our most requested and used platform is WordPress. We build sites from scratch and offer white-label WordPress hosting and direct client hosting, depending on how the relationship is structured. We also offer monthly retainers for website support to help with bug fixes, edits, etc. Syzmic also offers e-commerce web development. Our preferred CMS for e-commerce is Shopify. We’ve written an entire blog about why we prefer Shopify to other e-commerce platforms. Check it out here!

Our Process:

We know what you’re thinking, everything sounds great but you’ve likely been burned by developers before. Here’s how we’re different from freelance, our process! We’ve worked for years to ensure our systems work for both the web client and the marketing agency. There are a few ways to submit a proposal request. The easiest way is through our agency portal. Once you’re onboarded we’ll give you access to your account and simply request a quote, complete the questionnaire, and get a quote. We’re also available for email communication or virtual meetings. We understand that most projects are easier explained over the phone so call us any time. We have a dedicated sales team that helps you through the quoting process and then passes the torch to your dedicated developer. You’ll work directly with the developer throughout the build. 

Now you know the drill, let’s get started. Schedule a meeting with us today so we can create a plan for your agency. See Hailey’s calendar below!


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