Our Top Three Favorite Shopify Themes for Small Catalogs

Author: Hailey Huffman
July 8, 2022
shopify e-commerece

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Shopify is a great platform that makes it easy to set up and run your e-commerce store. There are plenty of great themes available to give your store a professional look and feel. The theme selections vary based on catalog size, industry, and price point. Since Shopify is our favorite e-commerce platform, here are our three favorite themes for small catalogs. 

  1. Dawn – Free theme. This is a clean design with a modern aesthetic. The focus is very much on the products and goes directly into product display. 
  2. Foodie – $250 theme cost. We love the navigation menu and the ability to incorporate information elements. 
  3. Influence – $350 theme cost. If you want your store geared more toward a brand aesthetic, this is a great theme for you.

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