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Author: Hailey Huffman
September 3, 2021

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Last week, our team read Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. We loved the concept and began implementing these principles in our marketing. The Storybrand Framework changes the way you think of your target audience and messaging. Inevitably, you or your client’s website plays a huge role in this messaging. One of the key concepts in Building a Storybrand is about structuring your website to fit this framework. Our team studied this framework and discussed the features and concepts at length. Here are the suggested features of a Storybrand website:

1. Minimal language

2. Step-by-step process display

3. Larger taglines on the home page

4. Multiple CTAs throughout the site

5. Include lead generator download or email submission

6. Images of success

These changes are relatively simple to make but here are some of the concerns our developers had, as well as, the remedies we created. 

1. Will my SEO take a hit? 

2. I don’t want my website to look like everyone else’s. 

3. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. 

For SEO, the best way to counter the lack of language is to produce more blogs or bulk up your interior pages. The homepage is the first thing the user sees and if they’ve made it to an interior page, they’re likely hooked. Putting your homepage in the Storybrand framework is a great starting point. 

We understand originality is a major part of your brand. While the messaging does fit into a particular box, the design, function, and feel of the website are completely up for grabs. Use this as an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and design concepts that are outside of the box. At Syzmic, we’re blessed to have some of the best designers and developers around. If you’d like to chat with them about how your website can stand out, schedule your consultation here.  

(Using your best southern accent) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. More than likely, your website is working for you and achieving what you need it to. Fair enough, if you’re confident in what you’ve got then Storybrand websites might not be your forte. However, (using your best southern accent again), ain’t nothing wrong with tryin it out. Try A/B testing it! Create a landing page using the Storybrand principles and test it on a marketing campaign. If the results are worse or the same, you can be confident you know what you’re doing. If you’re like us and see an immediate improvement in conversion, you’ll be doing a complete website overhaul. 

As always, Syzmic does not create any content, but we will happily design any website with this framework in mind. If you’d like to discuss this concept further, feel free to schedule a meeting with Hailey.

If there are other marketing concepts you’d like for us to explore, let us know! We’re always eager to learn. 


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