The Value of your Website During COVID-19

Author: Hailey Huffman
July 13, 2020

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As our economy begins to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s changed the way our businesses function. Now, more than ever, a user-friendly, informational, and fast website is essential for a business to thrive. Back in March, when quarantine began, our agency had many direct customers reach out to either create a new website or add certain crucial features to their current site.

Below we’ve shared insights into why a website is so valuable during this pandemic, along with some examples from our current customers.

E-Commerce Features

While this may seem straightforward, let’s think about the reality of what goes into this decision. For years, successful storefronts have made their living from the foot traffic in their local community. In early March, that customer base was abruptly stopped for the foreseeable future leaving store owners in a bind.

Most B2C businesses would love to sell directly to their customers via e-commerce but lack the time or manpower to manage it. Other businesses may already have an e-commerce website that’s dated and needs a facelift.

Our client, Whip City Jerky, found themselves in this exact situation. In just a few weeks, we were able to create a beautiful Shopify site that is easy to navigate, seamless in ordering and selling around the clock.

Whip City Jerky has hundreds of customers ordering online, in addition to in-store pick-up, giving their revenue a nice boost. The site is a huge success and an investment that will remain profitable for a very long time. 

Information Tools

According to, Google receives 3.8 million searches per minute. This proves that information, and the ability to find it, is crucial to our society. Your website is the fastest way for a consumer to access that information.

Take, for example, our clients Simpson Baptist Church. For many years, their information was given to the congregation every Sunday during the service. Due to the pandemic, that sharing of information was completely cut off. They needed a website to post their online sermons, accept tithing, and provide live updates on events, such as a drive-in Easter service.

We created a website for them that brought their community together and extended their ministry reach. They are able to meet in-person again but continue to use their website to share their message and events. 

Business Updates

As we have learned by now, combating this pandemic is going to take time and will change on a weekly basis. Since the resurgence, it’s caused businesses to take mandatory precautions such as limited capacity, wearing masks, limited staff, and operational changes.

At Syzmic, we work with every customer to make sure these updates can be visible on your website and easily changed as this pandemic progresses. We recommend each business have a website manager to add or remove information as necessary.

The Syzmic team will teach this manager to access the back-end of the website to make necessary edits. We also offer monthly retainers with our customers so we can make these changes for you. 

Lead Generation

Finally, a website is extremely valuable because it helps you capture leads, understand your target audience, and expedite the sales process. On almost every website we include a contact form that allows for name, email, phone number, and message capture.

Once your business has this data you can send business updates directly to your consumer and create a lifetime value with your sales process. We also include links to your social media pages that allow you to obtain a larger following and expand your brand. Feel free to check out our portfolio to see more of our work and how we can help you.

Although we can’t predict when we will go back to normal practices and behaviors, rest assured, Syzmic can help you through this. Contact us today! 


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